Three Career Killing Behaviors to Stop Immediately

Do you feel like your career is stagnating but you don’t know why? PErhaps you are exuding one of the following three behaviors and it is leading to missed opportunities.


Gossip should not be a part of either your personal or your professional life, but it can be especially damaging to your career and reputation when done in the workplace. Gossip can have a notable impact on day-to-day work, including hurting morale and creating discord among workers. Sure, everyone needs to vent about their work sometimes. Make sure this is done to a trusted friend or partner. If you begin gossiping to your coworkers, people will instantly lose trust in you. How can they be sure that you are not also gossiping about them? They can’t be. So, keep the gossip out of the workplace and if you must vent, do it to someone outside of the company.

Dressing Unprofessionally

This puts everyone in an awkward position. Your managers will have to decide whether they need to discuss your clothing with you. Remember, no matter how attached you are to a particular style, if it hurts your career, it isn’t worth it. You may be left out of possibly career changing meetings or events because of your wardrobe. Don’t take this chance. Always dress your best, and don’t forget to have some fun by incorporating small snippets of your style through a scarf, pair of funky shoes or even a pin on your jacket.

Having a Bad Attitude

If you find yourself being consistently negative, you need to take action immediately. This affects your work and your work environment more than you probably realize. A bad attitude can be put forward through the consistent use of sarcastic remarks, complaining or just generally being unpleasant around the office. If you have a problem with some aspect of the job, find a solution to help you work through it. Put your earbuds in and listen to some uplifting music, go for a walk around the block, or treat yourself to a special lunch.

We all want to advance in our careers. In order to do so, we need to cut out gossiping, dressing unprofessionally and having a bad attitude. All of these actions impact not only the individual employee, but the general office moral.


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