Essential Hiking Gear to Pack

Outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for a trail to conquer. However, hikes require planning. Venturing into the wild can be dangerous if necessary survival gear is forgotten. Several essentials must be packed to ensure safety and health.

Packing Essential Gear

There is much to remember. A comfortable backpack is the most essential piece of gear to bring. Backpackers also require adequate water, shelter, apparel, protection, light, and navigational tools.

Filtered Bottles

Water bottles with built-in filters are indispensable. They need a heavy-duty filter. Natural water sources contain dangerous microorganisms. Filtered water bottles make it safe.

Water Treatments

Chemical treatments used to purify dirty water are lifesavers. Filters can fail. Having a backup option is imperative.

Hydration Packs

Sacks used to carry water are also essential. Sources can be sporadic, so extra water is always needed.


Tents protect hikers from dangerous conditions. Quality, lightweight tents are the best choice.


Water often finds its way inside waterproof tents. Tarps will prevent seepage.


Acceptable clothing protects adventurers from the elements. The type of clothing needed depends on the climate. Pack accordingly.

Boots that keep feet dry and fit comfortably are a priority. Hiking sandals are also recommended. They’re perfect for river crossings.


Packing knives will help with safety. They also cut ropes, branches, food, and bandages.

First-Aid Kits

Every kit needs to contain bandages, tape, aspirin, antiseptic, burn gels, bug spray, and sunscreen. However, packing one with extra supplies would be better.

Fire Starters

Fire provides light, warmth, and keeps insects away. Fire-starters, matches, and kindling are vital.


Bringing a battery-operated lantern helps light the way. (Remember to pack batteries.)

Maps and Compasses

The best way to navigate is with a compass and map. They’re always packed in a plastic ziplock to keep them dry.


Bring a GPS as a backup tool. A signal isn’t guaranteed.


The importance of packing the right hiking gear cannot be overstated. Every adventurer knows that hiking comes with hazards. Staying prepared is essential to face whatever the trek may bring.


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