How to Play Golf with your Kids

Golf is one of the most tranquil and relaxing sports of all time. While professional sports have transformed this gentleman’s game into a full-throttle, adrenaline-soaked rush, golf can still be enjoyed by families and groups of friends alike. Listed below are six ways that golfing with the kids can be a rewarding experience.

Looking for dead spots in the course can be the quickest and most unobtrusive way to enjoy a game of golf with the kids. Courtesy is essential, as more experienced players on the field play their respective games with a higher degree of urgency. A little courtesy and strategic playing can go a long way.

One does not always have to play all 18 holes. While it is important to give the little ones a proper grasp of the game and all it entails, younger members of the family may grow bored of the game before it reaches its organic finale. Parents must be perceptive of their kid’s levels of interest to make the experience rewarding for them.

Also, shortening the actual length of the fairways and stretches can help to maximize the enjoyment of your children. Yard lengths such as 50-150 for any random hole seem sufficient to keep the kids engaged without overexerting them. The fairway may look serene from ESPN, but a game of golf is less enjoyable when tired out.

It may go without saying, but the parents of the group should take care not to let their investment in their games overshadow those of their kids.

As respectable as the game may be, parents shouldn’t be afraid to deviate a little from the traditional script. Adding in small amendments and rules on the fly may make for more entertaining play.

Playing in co-op renditions of the game such as Scramble serve to introduce a communal aspect into gameplay. Golf doesn’t always have to be an individual sport, and teamwork is an important lesson to impart to any brood.

Golf is fun, don’t ever let anyone say any different. The enjoyment that adult golf enthusiasts gain from a rousing game can easily be passed down to the younger generation. With this article, hopefully, that objective can easily be obtained.


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