How to Pick the Perfect Partner for Every Format of Golf

Playing golf is a popular pastime for both men and women who enjoy the sport and spending time on the green throughout the year. When it comes to playing with other golfers, the person that you play with can determine if you win the game. If you want to pick the perfect partner for every golf format to play with and improve your game, there are a few main tips to follow.


You’ll need to look for a partner who is patient enough to play for several days and won’t become burnt out while spending many hours outside each day. Find someone who has a similar skill level to your own and doesn’t frequently play, which will ensure that they appreciate playing without wanting to leave.

Nine and Dine Step-Aside Scramble

With Nine and Dine Step-Aside Scramble, you’ll need to find a partner who you get along with because you’ll be spending time eating with them off of the golf course. You don’t want someone who is annoying or difficult to be around. You can find someone who you can make contact with because someone will always be on the bench when the other one is making a shot. If you want to do even better during the game, find a female to partner with because it will allow you to use her tee shots from the forward tees.

Best Ball

Look for a mid-handicapper who can be coached because they often have skills that are better than their number and can help to bring the best out in you as you play. Look for someone who has 13 to 17. Two players who have a high handicap can lead to issues, meaning you need to get a low number and reduce the odds of losing strokes to par.


With ABCD, the winning team is usually one where the A can coach the D and can work as the wild man. The B should be close to an A and can compensate for poor playing or mistakes that are made by the A. The C can be like the D but should have more consistency with how they play to ensure that you can rely on them to perform.


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