Tips For Stretching Before a Round of Golf

It’s important to stretch before engaging in physical activity such as golf. By performing a few stretching exercises before a round, a golfer will be able to have more endurance during the round, and the a golfer will have the flexibility that is required for a full swing.


A good way to start the stretching routine is by loosening up the legs and the back. One can start with the quadriceps.


To stretch the quadriceps, stand with the back towards a chair. Place one foot up on the chair. Tighten and loosen the buttocks muscle to stretch the quadriceps. Do this stretch with both legs.


In order to loosen up the back while doing this stretch, cross the arms across the chest. Imitate a golf swing motion while performing the quadriceps exercise.


To stretch out the muscles of the back, stand one step away from the back of a chair. The feet should be apart. Place both hands spread apart on the back of the chair. Move the body both down and away from the chair while keeping the back straight. Go down until tension is felt in the armpits.


The wrists play an important role in the golf swing, so it is important that the wrists be stretched out as well. Hold one arm out straight. Lift the hand up with the palm facing out. Use the other hand to pull back gently on the upraised hand. Do this stretch for both wrists.


There is a good stretching exercise to help the arms. For this stretch, stand in a doorway with both the elbows and shoulders at 90 degree angles. Hold the door frame, and take one step forward. Hold this position for about thirty seconds.


It always helps to be stretched out through the waist in order to improve the swing. To stretch this area, grab a golf club. Hold the club behind the back lengthwise hooked through the arms. Turn to the left and hold the position for 30 seconds. Turn to the right and hold for 30 seconds on that side as well.


By following a stretching routine such as the one outlined above, a golfer will have a looser swing and will be less prone to injury. If a golfer has a particular area of the body that feels tight, that area should be emphasized during stretching.


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