Free Activities in NYC

A lot of people think you have to spend big bucks to see the best sights in Manhattan. On the contrary, there are a number of great activities you can do without spending a penny.

The Highline

This used to be an above ground railroad track. It was eventually shut down as interstate trucking increased. The site was almost demolished but was instead turned into an outdoor walkway and is today known as the Highline Park. This 1.5 mile walkway gives you a great view of the city from two stories above. It’s lined with luscious green plants, which is something you don’t see often in Manhattan. As you make your way north, you’ll get a great view of the Hudson River.

New York Public Library

Flanked by two marble lions dubbed Patience and Fortitude, The New York Public Library is not only a sight to behold from the outside, once inside, your amazement will continue. Not only is there a reading room suited for 500 people, The New York Public Library offers exhibits as well. These exhibits contain an original copy of The Declaration of Independence and a Gutenberg Bible. When can you visit? The library offers free tours Monday through Saturdays from eleven to two o clock.

Brighton Beach

When people think of public beaches close to New York City, Coney Island typically comes to mind. While Coney Island is symbolic, there are plenty of other free public beaches accessible to New York City residents, Brighton Beach being one of the best. Not only does it provide spectacular views, its unique location equips it with plenty of Russian cuisine and restaurants. Brighton Beach tends to fly under the radar, so you don’t have to contend with crowds while sunbathing. Lifeguards are on duty daily from ten to six pm.

Brooklyn Brewery

Located in Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Brewery offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the science that is beer making. Free tours are available every half hour on Saturdays and Sundays. The only thing that isn’t free is the beer you will definitely want to sample in the tasting room while you wait!

Next time you’re looking for a cheap afternoon in the big city, try one of these free activities. Whether you’re looking to lay on a beach in Brighton or dive into a book in the New York Public Library, the city has plenty of options for you!


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