Differences between a Boss and a Leader

Everyone knows the difference between a boss and a true leader, but sometimes it can be hard to put into words. What are some definitive actions that leaders take that bosses do not? Read on to find out:

Leaders are Team Players

The best leaders know how important it is to be a team player and they do so, day in and day out. A boss will delegate out their work and expect the team to come up with results, while the leader will strap in and get down to work with everyone else. Inc.com writes:

True leaders don’t run over people, seek the glory, or take the credit; they empower their people to do all the work, brainstorm solutions that add value and benefit the whole team and give them all the glory after a great effort.

Leaders Believe in their Employees

Leaders trust and believe in their employees. They understand that as long as they provide their employees with the necessary tools, they will excel. The more leaders express confidence in those they lead, the more those employees feel empowered to succeed. A boss, on the other hand, will do things like micromanage, which let the employee know that they are not trusted by their boss. This leads to decreased motivation and production on the employee’s part as well as a loss of morale.

Leaders Ask for and Accept Feedback

One of the most difficult things to do both in and out of the office is accepting feedback. Bosses will never ask for feedback, but leaders will gladly accept feedback. Humility and listening skills are prerequisites that top-down bosses struggle with in order to ask respected high-performers the impossible question, “How am I doing as your leader?” True leaders want to know how they are doing. They will take your feedback and implement it into their leadership.

If you have to work for someone, you want them to be a true leader and not just a boss. True leaders are different from a boss in several ways. Leaders are team players who put their team first. They believe in their employees and implicitly trust them to do their best work. Lastly, true leaders ask for feedback and accept it. They put that feedback into place to improve their role.


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