Interview Questions that Assess Leadership

If you are interviewing for a management level jobs, you will likely be asked specific leadership questions. An employee needs to trust you with the people they rely on to deliver results. Therefore, your answers must prove your trustworthiness.

How Would you Define Teamwork?

An employer asking this question wants to know if you are completely selfish or actually enjoy working in teams. They are trying to ask you if you take instructions well, work well with others and respect your teammates. In your response, be sure to let them know that teamwork is leveraging the different talents of a group of people to effectively get the job done. It also includes taking time out to support members of the team to make sure the project is successful.

How will you Manage Multiple Long Term Projects?

To answer this question, let them know that you keep on top of your long term projects by setting internal timelines and deadlines. That way, if something urgent comes up, I can still meet my benchmarks. Being a manager and leader means knowing how to manage these trade-offs. Expect similar questions about how you manage projects and deadlines.

When do you Expect a Promotion?

This may sound like a strange question but it happens. An interviewer may feel threatened. Make sure you sound supportive. Say something like “I don’t have a definitive answer, but within any position, I expect to be given new and sometimes greater responsibilities as I successfully complete the projects given to me. At some point, my past track record of performance will suggest that I am ready for a promotion.”

How do you Make Decisions?

This is less about you as an individual and more about you being a good employee. Let them know that for any major decisions, you will discuss with your boss and determine if there is protocol or policy you should apply. When making decisions, let them know that you weigh the pros and cons and seek the input of others who will be impacted by the decisions. Then, turn the question on them. Ask them what types of decisions you will be expected to make in this role. This displays your leadership right off the bat.


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